Emily Marie Miller was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and raised between Florida and Pennsylvania. Miller studied sculpture at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where she made sculpture, installation, and performance work dissecting the color pink and the marketing of female identity toward American girls. After graduating in 2013, Miller returned home to St. Petersburg to develop a painting practice. In St. Petersburg, she found community and showed frequently in galleries and non-profit spaces around Florida. Miller’s time in Florida culminated in two back-to-back solo shows: the first, an exhibition of Portraits at the artist-run Soft Water Studios, and the second, a performative installation Purgatory in Paradise at The Venture Compound, a non-profit art space. Directly after the closing of Purgatory in Paradise, Miller moved to Brooklyn in search of more opportunity in the visual arts.

Since her move to Brooklyn in May of 2015, Miller has assisted artists Tim Okamura and Erik Jones in their respective studios. She recently exhibited 85 oil paintings of found Newport Cigarette boxes in Hot Garbage!, a two-person show with David Henry Nobody Jr. at World Money Gallery in Bushwick. Presently, Miller is creating a series of large oil paintings of contorted female bodies on vibrant red backgrounds. Here, she illustrates the internal transformation of a woman from a naïve state to a more enlightened state after a traumatic catalyst. The red symbolizes the space between darkness (death) and lightness (rebirth) of the life/death/life cycle inherent to all things on earth, especially women. This work is a visual representation of the Bluebeard story archetype, a fairy tale passed down through generations of women as a teaching mechanism.

The best way to keep in touch with Emily's work is via. Instagram.