I question the power dynamics of chivalry. I question girl and womanhood as it was presented to me in the South. John Berger states in Ways of Seeing that “To be born a woman has been to be born, within an allotted and confined space, into the keeping of men...from earliest childhood she has been taught and persuaded to survey herself continually.” I have been cyclically cramming myself into and bursting out of this keeping for my entire lifetime: embracing the male gaze then vehemently rejecting it, retreating within.

My paintings allegorize the subtle, everyday violences associated with being female/female-identifying in America. I use caricature to present aggression with humor. My work is informed by the various female archetypal roles and personas I unconsciously adopted while growing up in Florida, and the process of shedding them in New York.


The best way to keep in touch with my work is via Instagram.